Meet our members

Zoe McLeod

Customer Challenge Group Chair

Zoe is a leading consumer advocate with more than 20 years’ experience championing customer and community concerns. This includes for the customer watchdogs, Consumer Focus and Citizens Advice, Friends of the Earth, the fuel poverty charity National Energy Action and as an elected Councillor and Assistant Cabinet Member for Young People and Youth Services. Her background also includes leading on the vulnerable consumer strategy at the energy regulator Ofgem, and an expert Advisor to Ofwat’s Water 2020 Panel. Currently Zoe is an Associate with the charity Sustainability First with a particular focus on innovation, and improving customer service and quality of life for those with additional needs and on low incomes. She is also a lay member on the Bar Standards Board, an expert advisor to Ofgem on enhanced customer engagement, and Chair of Cadent Gas' Customer Engagement Group.

Leslie Sopp

Independent market research and customer insight expert

Dr Louise Bardsley

Natural England

Mairi Budge

Independent consumer research and behaviour change expert

Janet Hill

Community representative

Karen Gibbs

Consumer Council for Water (CCW) representative

Rupika Madhura

Independent economist and price review expert

Richard Lavender

Director,  Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce

Penny Shepherd MBE

Consumer Council for Water (CCW) representative

Register of Interests

Name of group member Description of interest Does the interest relate to the Group member or a person closely connected to them Is the interest current?
Zoe Mcleod Associate with the charity Sustainability First; Lay member on the Bar Standards Board; expert advisor to Ofgem; Director of OnTheRecord Group member Yes
Louise Bardsley Natural England (employee) Group member Yes
Karen Gibbs Consumer Council for Water (employee) Group member Yes
Richard Lavender Property and Safety Consultancy (owner) Chair of Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce and KICC Ashford Economic Development Group Group member Yes
Penny Shepherd Consumer Council for Water and various other organisations Group member Yes
Mairi Budge Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). (Employee) Group member Yes
Janet Hill Swale Borough Council Director Sustainability Connections Chair, Oare Parish Council Group member Yes
Rupika Madhura Ofgem (employee) Group member Yes
Leslie Sopp FCA (employee) Chair of MRS Public Sector Editorial Board – and Fellow of MRS Group member Yes